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This unique investment value assessment facility will enable you to:

  • Enjoy exceptional investment returns very difficult to beat (see "Model Validity")
  • Gain access to important information and analysis data prepared by professionals
  • Identify the listed companies with the best investment value on the stock market
  • Receive a numeric odds for winning value assessment for companies analysed
  • Avoid the many market traps other investors fall into when trading on the JSE
  • Trade like a professional without any skills or fancy software models required
  • Create great wealth by improving gains and reducing your investment costs
  • Have access to a wide range of investment tutorials and investment guidelines
  • Getting insight to the pros and cons of many other products and investment instruments
  • Have all this for less than what one pays for your newspaper each year

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Almost all the top seasoned and renowned investors around the globe will agree that there is not much in the investment world that will beat value and good reliable information over the long-term.

The most important thing to understand about equity investments is that there is almost no difference between buying the stock of a company and buying the company itself. In fact, the only difference is probably the amount of capital required to do so.

There is not a system, tool or magic method in the world that will ensure that you only buy the right stocks every time. The very best you can ever hope for is to have access to a reliable professional facility that will provide you with trustworthy and useful information to indicate what the odds are for you to win or lose when you invest in a specific listed company.

This information should also be in a concise user-friendly format and it should be available to you within 48 hours of the company financial statements being published so that you may use the investment window of opportunity before the other players act on the information which will lead to the share price moving up or down.

After all, the movement in a share price is simply just a product of supply and demand and the supply and demand is created by the big players also referred to as the market movers.

The most effective key to successful equity investments is anticipating what the market movers are going to buy or sell . tomorrow.

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The Valana Model

This is a facility where a value assessment of business fundamentals has been built into a process developed over many years of research and analysis from which this tool has been developed that will give one a specific evaluation of the investment profile of a company related to the following important elements:

  • Trade liquidity of the stock of the company
  • Jewel (quality) rating of the company from an investment perspective
  • Cash rating (financial liquidity) of the company
  • Soundness rating (how solid, established, safe and moated is the company)
  • Latest trend rating of the business enterprise elements in the company
  • Performance potential that can be anticipated for the next business period
  • Dividend rating and payment persistency earned by the specific company
  • Share price rating (good or bad value at the ruling price) of the stock

The process was developed to identify which shares the "big players" are probably going to buy and/or sell in the months to come.