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The Valana Model: What do you get?

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Once your subscription has been verified you will be registered as a Valana member and this will enable you to gain access to the valuable company analysis reports as well as the very useful and informative Valana Library Section of the website.

As a member you will have access to the Valana Library where you will find:

  • The latest full odds for winning value analysis done for companies
  • The list of things you just simply have to know about investments
  • Success phrases to enhance personal performance and achievement
  • Useful sayings, other power phrases and interesting quotes
  • Some of the Golden Rules for winning on the Stock markets
  • Researched findings on the fallacy of earnings
  • Proper and shocking analysis of the cost dilemma in investments
  • A review exercise done on the very popular Unit Trust instruments
  • Valid advice which may enable you to cope with market crashes
  • Up to date Valana process validation illustrations and comments
  • New research findings obtained from special projects done by Valana

Over and above the above useful and interesting items and reports the library section also contain probably the best set of user-friendly tutorials on investments with a particular focus on how to benefit from the very lucrative stock markets.

Our tutorials are constantly reviewed and updated and currently cover the following:

Tutorial 1: Asset classes for investment
The benefits and risks involved and where it may be most effectively used

Tutorial 2: Principles of Investment
A brief introduction to other investment instruments and the concept of best advice

Tutorial 3: Investments on the JSE
Understanding odds and probabilities and knowing what makes prices move

Tutorial 4: Characteristics of the Markets
Market conditions and sentiment, portfolio guidelines and the greatest wins and losses

Tutorial 5: Trading approaches used
The impact of different trading strategies used by the market players

Tutorial 6: Learn from the market wizards
The profile of successful traders and smart-money investors - mistakes they avoid

Tutorial 7: Property Investments
The myths of property investments and looking at other alternatives

Tutorial 8: Unit Trust Investments
Advantages and disadvantages as well as understanding its performance limitations

Tutorial 9: Tyranny of costs in investments
The importance and impact of different cost scenarios in investments

Tutorial 10: Anticipating market crashes
The signals to look for and how to protect oneself without dumping all the stock

Tutorial 11: Building an armoured portfolio
Ensuring a diversified mix where value of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Tutorial 12 : Derivative instruments
Understanding the uses and the important odds situation with derivative products

Tutorial 13: Hedge Funds
The advantages and disadvantages of Hedge Funds and strategies often used

Tutorial 14: Understanding Warrants
Some important things to understand when one select warrants to trade with

The objective of the Valana analysis facility is to deliver to the subscriber the final analysis outcome and ratings obtained for a particular company within 48 hours of the financial data being available to the Valana team.

This will enable investors to use the window of opportunity and get in on the ground floor before the institutional investors and the big players would have fully digested and interpreted the financial fundamentals as contained in the financial statements just published.

The single page analysis outcome will be forwarded to each subscriber via e-mail and it will be in an easy to understand and user-friendly format.

It is not the intention of the Valana facility to bore you with a long and cumbersome review of market conditions, economic fundamentals, environment impact factors and other opinions and often misleading predictions of future moves and performance.

With the Valana facility you don't need any expert knowledge or fancy computer software programs and/or other miracle prediction models.

Depending on your personal rating benchmark chosen or risk profile criteria you can now make a really good investment decision within minutes without any time or effort lost on doing your own research, analysis or cumbersome homework.

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The objective of the Valana analysis is to identify good value companies with favourable odds to perform well during the next year or longer.

Companies that suffered an earnings loss or where negative return on equity was obtained will not be subjected to analysis, simply because they will almost always obtain a very low fundamental value rating. The only time such a company may still be considered is if there is acceptable evidence that such a company should strongly turn around during the next reporting period. The Valana methodology provides for identifying these opportunities as well.

A Valana subscriber could expect to receive approximately 300 analysis feedback reports each year, within 48 hours of the financials being published. This of course gives you the unique opportunity to select companies you may wish to invest in before the "big players" finalise their positions.

Below is a typical example of the feedback report that will be sent to each subscriber:


In certain cases a Valana analysis may also be done for a company when the interim period results are published, but only if the trigger guide utilised by the Valana model identifies good movement potential to justify such an interim analysis.

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